Bumper Jumpers™ promote imaginative play and get a kid’s heart pumping! Whether exploring strange new lands, galloping across the Great Plains or just finding a big patch of lawn to go crazy on, Bumpers™ will never let you down. Keep a look out for other Bumpers™. Alone or in a herd, get out & start jumping!
Bumper Jumpers™ are really great friends. They can keep you company on a rainy day or go on an adventure with you anytime your up for it. You wont even need to pack your Bumper Jumper™ a lunch. They eat very little and almost never sleep. They are really good travelers and wont get carsick on long journeys. You might want to crack open the window 'cuz they like to stick their noses out to catch the breeze. At night just tuck them into a warm comfy spot and get ready for the morning. They wake up early and are ready for fun!

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